new zelandian Customs Regulations

New Zealand Customs Information

The following items may be imported into New Zealand by persons of 18 years of age and over without incurring customs duty:

? 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g tobacco or a mixture of all three weighing no more than 250g.
? 4.5l of wine or beer.
? 1.125l or 40oz of spirits or liqueurs.
? Goods to a total value of NZ$700.

Prohibited Imports
Because of the importance of agriculture and horticulture to the New Zealand economy, it is illegal to import most foodstuffs (meat, meat products, honey, fruit and dairy). Take care when importing wood products, such as golf clubs, shoes and items made from animal skin. For further information, contact the nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. The import of the following items is also prohibited: firearms and weapons (unless a special permit is obtained from the New Zealand police); ivory in any form; tortoise or turtle shell jewelry and ornaments; medicines using musk, rhinoceros or tiger derivatives; carvings or anything made from whalebone or bone from any other marine animals; cat skins or coats and certain drugs (eg diuretics, depressants, stimulants, heart drugs, tranquillisers, sleeping pills) unless covered by a doctor?s prescription.

Prohibited Exports
There are export restrictions on wildlife, plantlife, antiquities and works of art.

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